We are super excited to have released our debut single “Living For The Moment” – out now!


Available on the following:


Below is a little bit about the song and where we got our inspiration;

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you are called upon to SEIZE THE MOMENT and TAKE YOUR SHOT! and that moment is NOW for the band ‘McKenzie’ with the release of our iconic new original rock.soul.pop tune ‘Living For The Moment’.

Footy is the metaphor of the song and the video; however the messages are universal. Powering through, turning tragedy into triumph and making the choice of ‘LIVING JUST TO TAKE IT ALL THE WAY”. You’ll be singing this infectious chorus after just one listen; add a little history and you’ll understand this ain’t just for show; it is PASSION expressed directly from the pages of our own lives..from having a pro player brother to having lived through the family tragedy of losing our beautiful mother and coming out the other end even more determined to live our dream.

It’s inspired music, and when done right doesn’t get any better than this.

Click here to watch ‘McKenzie talks Living For The Moment (Interview)’.  A heartfelt, personal and emotional insight into how the song was born.